"Scams, Hacks, and Deep Fakes"

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Hackers intercept communications between two parties, often to eavesdrop or modify the data being transmitted.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing involves sending deceptive emails or messages to trick users into revealing sensitive information such as passwords or clicking on malicious links or attachments.

Social Engineering

This involves manipulating people into divulging confidential information or performing actions that compromise security.


Malicious software (malware) includes viruses, worms, Trojans, and ransomware. It can infect systems, steal data, or disrupt operations.

Brute Force Attacks

Attackers attempt to gain access to a system by trying numerous password combinations until they find the correct one.

Email Spoofing

This involves manipulating people into divulging confidential information or performing actions that compromise security.

Why Attend Our Training?

Your Staff and Executives are your Nonprofit's first line of Defense

  • Equip them with the knowledge to recognize and respond to modern cyber tactics.

  • Safeguard your donors, clients, and staff from data breaches that can damage your organization's trust and image.

  • Gain easy-to-understand insights and tools that your team can put into practice immediately to boost your nonprofit's cybersecurity.


NC Nonprofits

reporting hacks in 2022


Breaches caused by Ransomware


Of all attacks Involving Email


Reported Breaches

by Organizations

Who's Speaking

Learn from our seasoned cybersecurity professionals who speak your language, not tech jargon.

Andre Fajardo

CEO CAIT Systems

AI Support Developer

Bryan Lyle

Network Technician

Solutions Engineer

Kossi Koumaple

Lead Solutions Architect

NOC Manager

Real World Examples

We'll dive into recent incidents that shook organizations in North Carolina and nationwide.

From the recent hack of Las Vegas' MGM Grand & Ceasars Palace to the data breach of North Carolina's Duke, WakeMed and UNC hospitals. we'll investigate the How's and Why's of cybercrime and it's effects.

Invite your Vendor partners.

Attackers target vulnerabilities in software and hardware that are used by vendors of organizations too, giving them a window of opportunity to gain access. Make sure you're protected end-to-end.


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Introductory Call

This is to discuss the value of protecting your information and

to set a time to meet.

Step 2

Meet & Greet

Where we take time to understand how your organization operates to tailor the training to what's relevant.

Step 3

FREE Cybersecurity Workshop

Scams, Hacks & Deep Fakes, because ignorance is no excuse.



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